About Y&R Building Material

Y&R Building Material has been in building material industry for 20 years in China, serving customers from more than 20 countries. We provide one stop solution of different materials for projects.
We're focusing on making your purchasing from China much more easier, safer faster and with less cost.

Advantage of buying from Y&R Building Material

√ Strong Confidence - Self owned large auto-manufacturing base guarantee on time delivery, flexible production capability.
√ Self-owned laboratory - Check the quality date as per different country's industry standard.
√ Saving Time--easy purchasing and fast delivery.
√ Saving Money - For all items you buy.
√ Safe Deal - Safe on payment and shipment.
√ Quality Guarantee - Get 100% guarantee for all items you buy.
√ Easy shipment - Consolidate all items together and load the containers once and for all.

Services from Y&R Building Material

√ Design Service - Provide shop drawing complying with actural measurement.
√ Customization Service - All items can be available standard and customized designed.
√ Package purchasing plan - Makes the most cost-efficient package purchasing plan to save cost and time.
√ Logistical service - Consolidate all items together and arrange container loading once and for all.
√ Quality Guarantee - get 100% quality guarantee from Y&R Building Material for all items.

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