Y&R Building Materials Co.,LTD is a professional manufacturer who produce and export kitchen cabinet,bathroom cabinet more than 15 years. As the Top 4th biggest cabinetry Manufacturer in China, We are cooperating with Several Famous US companies for many years based on OEM order. Our company can provide you with better products and services.



The melamine kitchen cabinets is very popular nowadays.It is available in a variety of colors and styles. Our factory can customize colors, sizes, materials, styles, etc. for customers, You only need to provide the drawings and sizes you want.


Feature and advantage

1.The melamine is widely used in particle board, MDF, plywood, etc. The melamine kitchen cabinets available in a variety of materials.

2.Melamine is available in a variety of designs and colors. It can be high gloss, matt and texture surface finish. We can customize any size according to customers requirement.

3.The melamine kitchen cabinets does not need to spray paint, reduce the smell of pungent oil paint.

4.Melamine surface has waterproof and fireproof effect, have a certain guarantee for safety.

5.Melamine surface is strong stability, scratch-resistant,easy to clean and not easy to deform.




Melamine kitchen Cabinet

Place of Origin

JiangSu, China(Mainland)


Particle board, MDF, Plywood


Customized Size


In the picture


Wood dowel, Metal cam lock, Screw


Eco-friendly, Beautiful,Durable


It can be made into a variety of styles of cabinets, beautiful and durable.Suitable for a variety of indoor condition.If you are interested in our cabinets, do not hesitate to give us your drawings and dimensions, we can produce any product you need.


Over 35000 square meters of factory, located at Jiangsu, China. Fully automatic production line equipment and professional staff make us confident to guarantee our customer with high quality product,competitive price, short delivery time, good service.

Welcome customers all over the world, look forward to your consultation.

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